The Motive

I’ve lived a life that’s tried many things to find fulfillment. Though some things have helped me to feel both value and joy, nothing has done this for me, quite so much as the few times I’ve been able to truly help someone.

I’ve lived month to month and tighter. So many people are living month to month or tighter. I really feel that the majority of the people that win this will be in the category of any little bit can help, because most of us are.

$1,000.00 can change a month, $10,000.00 can change a life. You can be part of changing people's lives for the better, all the while participating in a conversation that can help shape the world.

I believe there is a way to take what we’ve made so far in society and make it work for everyone. It will take a lot of discussions and will have unforeseen consequences but that is a condition of being human.

The less we share the human experience the more isolated in our opinion we become, this is a form of ignorance. Knowledge is a part of the wealth.