The Money

The Break Down

  • Every dollar gets split 50/50.
  • 50% goes to covering company costs including paying me.
  • 50% will go into the draw. That's for you, if you register.
  • It's free to register. It will always be free to be a member.
  • We hold the first draw when we reach $1,000.00 to give away.
  • That means Robin's Hood will have made $2,000.00.
  • The other $1000.00 goes into the company.
  • I get paid 20%. 
  • 10% goes into covering costs.
  • The last 20% goes to my investors.


Here’s an example, let’s imagine this goes viral, and everything I make is awesome and worth your time. (This is the goal.) Now Robin’s Hood is making good money like $20,000.00 a month.

I know, I know yeah right?... But what if?

Well then, we get to give away $10,000.00 that month and the company makes $10,000.00 that month.

This would blow my mind and probably my heart.

Salary Cap  

  • I’ll be capping my salary at $200,000 a year, so will my investors.
  • For me to make that cap Robin’s Hood will have made $800,000.00 in that year.
  • Robin's Hood will have given away $400,000.00 in that year.
  • Each of my investors will have made $100,000.00 in that year.
  • Robin’s Hood will have $100,000.00 to cover costs for that year.
  • Considering costs will be substantially less than that, surplus may go back into the draw or other projects that could benefit Robin’s Hood and its users, You!
  • My cap and the investors cap may be subject to change every year to accommodate for inflation.
  • Once I’m making my salary cap, my 20% will be going back into the draw.
  • The same goes for the 20% from my two investors.
  • Robin’s Hood will always take 10% to cover costs and help develop social investment.